Fit Bharat is pleased to provide this week’s Fit Bharat Friday Fitness Challenge, as well as some fantastic Fast&Up goods for the champion! Calling all marathoners and everyone whose life is no less than a marathon too! This challenge is specifically intended to give you the great legs and thighs you’ve always wanted. The Wall Squat exercise works the regions on the front of your thigh and is a terrific quad burner and it’s called The Devil’s Chair for a reason that it lives up to! 

We are confident that you will accomplish this week’s Fit Bharat Friday Fitness Challenge with the same zeal and enthusiasm that you did the week before.

Why Wall Squats? 

FitBharat Challenge: Try Wall Squat Challenge and earn exclusive wellness goodies from Fast&UpThis workout focuses on the quadriceps muscles in the front of the thighs. The wall sit is frequently used to progressively improve pre-season leg strength for activities such as slope skiing, ice hockey, athletics, sprinting, and others. Developing the quadriceps helps maintain your muscles coordinated in activities that primarily engage the hamstrings, such as jogging.

Powerful quads are used in everyday life for jumping out of a chair and strolling downhill or down stairs, hence why wall sits are also a great exercise for non-athletes.

How do you perform Wall Squats? 

It is similar to sitting on a chair but on steroids! We’ll explain… 

  1. Maintain a perpendicular alignment between your thighs and your calves and upper body. Around your pelvis and knees, there should be 90° angles.
  2. Lean your back against a wall for support, but without a bottom support.
  3. Your arms should be parallel to each other and palms facing each other.
  4. Unwavering concentration and focus on the front. 
  5. Maintain this stance for as long as possible. You’re doing this challenge correctly if you feel a burning sensation in your thighs.

This exercise puts the majority of the pressure on the knees, and it should not be performed by anyone who has an underlying knee injury or ailment without first consulting with a physician or physical therapist. You may have a burning sensation in your quads, but if you experience pain in your knee or kneecap, cease the activity.

How to win?

FitBharat Challenge: Try Wall Squat Challenge and earn exclusive wellness goodies from Fast&UpThe winner is the person who has held this post for the longest period of time. The minimum time is 15 seconds. There are, of course, rules:

  1. Your form must be superb and identical to Mr. Parvez’s. If two people have the same rank, their manner and method will be reviewed, and a decision will be made.
  2. When posting a video of yourself engaging in the Fit Bharat Friday Fitness Challenge on social media, use the hashtag #FitBharatWallSquat and tag @FitBharat @FastandUp India @BeAtomicFit.
  3. Tag three friends and invite them to join you in this Wall Squat challenge.
  4. Fill out the Google form with a link to your Fit Bharat Friday Fitness Challenge video and the amount of time you held the position.