Simply because you’re at home , doesn’t mean you can’t exercise. These 4 nutrition and fitness challenges are simple to include into your everyday routine and will provide you with something to aim for in the next days or weeks.

30-day Squat Saga

4 Fitness Challenges That You Can Do At Home To Beat The Lockdown LazinessA month-long squat challenge is one of the finest methods to develop muscle and blast fat from the glutes — plus, it’s a killer calorie burn.

Set aside 10 minutes every day to see how many squats you can complete, and gradually increase your repetitions as the days pass. Squats are great since you can do them whenever you want, whether you’re waiting for the kettle to boil or bored during TV commercials.

A 1,200-Calorie Meal Plan for 7 Days

4 Fitness Challenges That You Can Do At Home To Beat The Lockdown LazinessOur physical wellness isn’t the only thing that’s suffered as a result of the epidemic; several of our dietary requirements have also been compromised in recent weeks. We have a lower calorie demand at home since we are more sedentary than we would be if we were out and about. This 7-day meal plan includes daily breakfast, lunch, and supper meals totalling 1,200 calories—ideal for establishing good eating habits and reducing a few pounds. They’ve also devised calorie-dense meal plans for those of us who are a little more active.

Split Challenge For 30 Days

4 Fitness Challenges That You Can Do At Home To Beat The Lockdown LazinessHave you ever seen a yoga video on YouTube and dreamed you could glide into the front splits with the same ease? Now is the moment to master the coolest party trick while you still have the opportunity.

The 30-day split challenge entails extending your hip flexors and hamstrings deeply every morning in order to gradually reduce the distance between your inner thighs and the floor. There are several 30-day stretching training videos available to pick from, depending on your level of flexibility, and you can also locate progress diaries from other users to help keep you encouraged.

Daily Obstacles to Staying Active

While at-home HIIT exercises are undoubtedly the most efficient approach to keep physically active with limited space and money, simply being in motion (both physically and emotionally) is critical during these exceptional times. A few Instagram accounts have launched a daily challenge on their Feed, which includes a variety of short, practical activities aimed to keep your mind and body active. It’s simple—for example, one day maybe “side planks,” while another can be “express your sentiments.”