5 Yoga Poses and Breathwork for Radiant Skin and Luscious Locks!

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    The right yoga poses can ease migraine pain, balance PCOS-related hormones, and enhance digestion. And yoga isn’t just wonderful for your health; it also has many beauty advantages because it’s a calming and invigorating workout. It helps the brain produce more happy hormones like serotonin and less stress hormones like cortisol. However, some stances are more beneficial for your skin and hair than others. “Yoga helps one relax and relieve tension and anxiety from the body by aiding the body to switch from the sympathetic to the parasympathetic nervous system,” claims Avni Talsania, a yoga instructor based in Mumbai. The body’s blood circulation is actually improved by gently pushing and tugging at the muscles and connective tissues when done in conjunction with adequate breathing techniques.

    Shereena Master, a mobility coach, explains that sluggish blood circulation prevents the passage of nutrients and oxygen, both of which are important for having good skin and hair. You can add the following to your routine right away.

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    To prevent early ageing, try Kapalbhati breathing

    “This breathing technique encourages cell growth and regeneration, which helps skin and hair appear their healthiest. It also helps the body inhale and digest more oxygen. Although frequently used, this breathing method might be a little challenging, so learning and practising are essential, advises yoga instructor Pragya Bhatt of Bangalore.

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    1. Get comfortable in any seated asana.
    2. Expand your stomach as you inhale.
    3. Pull your stomach in as you exhale quickly. Consider drawing your navel towards your spine.

    If you are having trouble with stress-related acne, try the camel posture (ustrasana)

    “The camel position requires a very intense back bend that helps to open up the rib cage and expand lung capacity in addition to being a terrific mobility exercise for the front hip flexors. According to Master, this stance is the ideal for reducing stress and balancing the cortisol hormones that can cause pimples.

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    1. Gain stability by beginning in a kneeling position.
    2. Hold onto the heel of your foot while you extend one arm all the way back.

    To lighten and nourish skin, incorporate the downward dog position (adho mukha svanasana) into your daily routine

    “The downward dog is seen as an inversion, meaning that the body’s blood flow is inverted, flowing away from gravity rather than towards it. Because of this, the face’s soft, sensitive skin receives a fresh supply of blood, stimulating the skin. The lymphatic system of the body, which is in charge of toxin clearance, can be greatly stimulated by inversions. Additionally, this helps to cleanse the body and skin, says Bhatt.

    1. Get down on your hands and knees and begin.
    2. Put your hands firmly on the ground as you raise your knees off the floor and gradually straighten your legs.
    3. Keep your eyes relaxed and pointed at your toes or knees. Keep your heels up and concentrate more on elongating your spine.

    With the wheel posture (urdhvamukha svanasana), contract your face muscles

    “The front of the body is stretched and toned by all backbends. The head descends back and the neck lengthens in this asana’s ultimate position. This gives the appearance of a massage while simultaneously gently pulling on the facial muscles, which tones the muscles in the neck, continues Bhatt.

    1. Knees bent, feet hip-width apart, and close to the body, lie on your back.
    2. Make sure your fingers are pointing in the direction of your toes, bend your arms and lay your hands beneath your shoulders.
    3. Lift yourself off the ground by planting your hands and feet firmly on the ground.
    4. Your neck should be relaxed and your head should slide back in the final position.

    Use a chair or blocks as support if you can’t perform this asana (because it can be difficult for certain people).

    To promote hair growth, try the standing forward bend (uttanasana)

    Beginners should avoid this forward-bending stance. According to Talsania, it allows the hair follicles to grow long and strong by relaxing the muscles and bringing circulation and oxygen to the head and scalp. “It makes the glands function better and also brings fresh blood and oxygen to the scalp, making your hair shiny and healthy.”

    1. With your arms by your sides and your feet planted firmly on the ground, begin.
    2. Straighten your arms up to the ceiling while being gentle.
    3. Put your hands on the ground while bending forward at the waist.
    4. You can rest your hand in its entirety or just your fingers on the ground in the final position. Use blocks under your palms if you can’t reach all the way down.
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