A Fitness Trainer Shares Five Advantages That Men Can Enjoy In The Long Run If They Practice Pilates Regularly

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    Pilates has grown in popularity over the years, and many celebrities swear by it. However, there is a widespread misconception that it is more advantageous to women. Is this true?

    Fitness coach Neelam Mangat took to Instagram to share the benefits of Pilates, emphasising that it is a wholesome exercise that is beneficial for all, including men, and has no age limitations.

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    “Here are five long-term benefits that men can gain from regular Pilates practice.” Pilates strengthens, stretches, and strengthens the entire body.

    All of these characteristics help to make the body more efficient in the long run, which delays the signs of ageing and muscle atrophy, as well as helps to maintain stamina and good posture!” She captioned her Instagram post.

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    Examine it out.

    • Works on the quads and hip flexors, which are commonly tight in men.
    • Helps to correct rounded neck caused by a sedentary lifestyle.
    • Supports muscle formation, which aids in the development of strength as one age.
    • Builds resilience, which leads to more energy and stamina to deal with stress more effectively.
    • Pilates is also necessary for sports-related activities.
    • “Pilates should be practised on a regular basis. Regardless of age!” she added.
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