Fitistan Friday Elbow Plank Challenge

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    The Fitistan Friday Fitness Challenge begins every week. This week’s challenge will certainly provide you with a smouldering physique, terrific pounding heart health, a sweat of pleasure, and an endorphin rush.

    The Fitistan Elbow Plank Challenge will kickstart your exercise regimen and leave you feeling joyous and cheery by the end of the day. Let’s take a look at what this all entails…

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    Elbow planks are one of the most popular exercises available. When used appropriately, they are an excellent addition to your training programme.

    A plank is a basic, effective bodyweight exercise that can be performed practically any place and does not require any equipment.

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    Fitistan Friday Elbow Plank Challenge

    How to Perform Elbow Planks Correctly

    Find a position where your torso is straight and you can stretch your arms over the whole length of the mat. Planks with your palms or forearms are both great workouts.

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    1. Start in a plank posture, with your forearms and toes on the floor.
    2. Your elbows should be slightly below your shoulders, and your forearms should be pointing forward.
    3. Keep your head relaxed and your gaze fixed on the floor.
    4. Contract your abdominal muscles and bring your navel near to your spine.
    5. Maintain a straight line from your ears to your toes, with no bending or sagging. • The spine should be in this posture to be in a neutral position.
    6. Examine your shoulders to check whether they are dropping toward your ears. Your heels should be higher than the height of your toes. Stay in this posture for a total of 10 seconds.


    • 29th January 2023
    • Fitistan Weekend Challenge 
    • #FitBharatElbowPlankChallenge
    • Elbow Plank Video –

    • Duration – 2 minutes
    • Upload – Sunday 
    • Please post your Challenge workout video on your social media handles & share the link in the Google Form… 

    Note – If you have an injury in your arms, wrists, ankles, shoulders, or feet, you should avoid doing Plank Pose. People who have recently had abdominal, shoulder, knee, hip, or spine surgery should avoid this posture.


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