Fit Bharat gives you this week’s Fit Bharat Friday Fitness Challenge as well as some great Fast & Up goods for whoever is deemed the winner! 

Attention all fitness enthusiasts: this competition is especially for runners and racers. This workout sends the body into a frenzy. With as much zeal and zest, we are confident that you will ace this week’s Fit Bharat Friday Fitness Challenge.

What exactly is the challenge?

Mountain Climbers! As you do the movement, your arms, biceps, and torso aid to balance your upper body, while your core stagnates the rest of your body.

As the driving force, your quads are also put through rigorous training. You’ll also receive cardiovascular health benefits and lose weight because it’s an aerobic exercise.

Mountain Climbers is a crucial practice for runners because it allows them to open up their strides, resulting in a cleaner and faster drift throughout their run. PLUS, you don’t need to really hit the gym. Lay down your mat and do it at home

All of these advantages sound fantastic, but how can you get them? We’re here to tell you exactly that…

How do you complete the Fit Bharat Friday Fitness Challenge - Mountain Climber?

Mr. Parvez expertly performs Mountain Climbers for the audience.

  1. The body should be in a plank position, with your weight properly dispersed throughout. The weight of your body should not be felt solely through your arms or legs.
  2. Arms and legs should be shoulder width apart, back level and firm, abs tight, and toes and palms firmly lodged on the ground.
  3. Begin the exercise by bringing one knee up to your chest and touching your elbow. 
  4. Pull your other knee in the same way, while the first one returns to its previous position.
  5. Continue this cycle quickly to provide the impression of ‘climbing’. This exercise is also known as ‘running planks’!
  6. Maintain your attention forward and concentrate on your inhalation and exhalation with each leg going in and out.

Please remember to warm up before beginning the rigorous cardio activity. This Fit Bharat Friday Fitness Challenge uses sprightly stretching to exercise the entire body. Muscle pulls and injuries can occur as a result of improper warm-up.

Let's get right to the point: How do you win?

The person who completes the most reps of Mountain Climbers in a minute is declared the winner. Of course, rules apply:

  1. Your form must be spectacular and identical to Mr. Parvez’s. If two people score the same, their form and technique will be considered, and a conclusion will be drawn subsequently.
  2. Post a video of yourself doing the Fit Bharat Friday Fitness Challenge on social media, using the hashtag #FitBharatMountainClimbers and tagging @FitBharat @FastandUp India @BeAtomicFit.
  3. Fill out the Google form and include a link to your Fit Bharat Friday Fitness Challenge post, as well as the number of reps completed.
  4. The most crucial rule is to HAVE FUN!
Winners' Categories For Mountain Climbers Challenge
  1. Three male winners
  2. Three female winners
  3. One special category winner