A Mission towards Fit, Healthy & Happy Bharat – Fit Bharat is the brain child and passion project of two highly driven individuals. 

Major Dr Surendra Poonia , VSM is an International award winning sportsman, Limca book of world record holder, Physician, Former Special Forces officer of the Indian Army , Founder of Soldierathon and Fit Bharat (@FitBharat) on Twitter

Shilpa Bhagat – She is a Leadership Program graduate – Harvard Business School; MBA, SCMHRD, Pune; Investor, Ex Corporate Banker – HDFC bank; Mrs India World 2013

Fit Bharat's Vision and Mission

Vision : To make every Indian a fit and healthy Asset of our Nation.

Mission : To bridge the gap between the desire and action to get Fit. They have identified key human behaviors that contribute to these gaps and devised tools to overcome them by easy subtle nudges which are  relatable, and easily achievable.

Purpose : There are essentially four pillars of physical fitness – Nutrition , Workout, Hydration & Sleep. As humans, we all more or less know the rights and wrongs of good healthy habits , but we fail to keep ourselves consistent and motivated. We keep slipping until it affects our physical or mental health. At Fit Bharat , their purpose is to strengthen the motivation of each individual by setting very clear actionable goals and Challenges , supported by simple fitness tools, content  and an  inspiring & collaborative community.

What does the Fit Bharat Flutter Kicks Challenge entail?

Flutter kicks are a great exercise for toning your core and flexor muscles. This will improve your lower-body strength and balance. It will improve your balance and offer you more control over your legs.

To complete the task successfully, maintain your knees straight and unbent.

To begin the challenge, lie flat on the floor with your body relaxed. Raise both of your legs. Move your legs in the air in a walking motion without bending your knees. Your hip flexors and rectus abdominus muscles will become stronger as you move your legs faster. You can also raise your arms in the air to enhance the difficulty level.

Perform this workout for 30 seconds without pausing. The individual who achieves the maximum number of kicks in the air in the allotted time is the winner.

Who was the winner of the Fit Bharat Flutter Kicks Challenge?

Some very capable individuals volunteered to take on this exceedingly demanding challenge, and each individual succeeded admirably. Some demonstrated great dedication and skill, but only a few were able to win this task. The names of the winners are shown below. Congratulations to all of them, and thank you to everyone who took part in this Fit Bharat challenge!

Men's Category :
  1. Shaurya Chaudhary – 280
  2. Akshay Upadhyay – 252
  3. Abhay Shankar – 240
  4. Mohit Kumar Singh – 220
  5. Harish Sharma – 209
Women's Category :
  1. Nandita Pai – 236
  2. Charu Pragya – 210
  3. Kumud Talaskar – 190
  4. Kanchan Singh – 188
  5. Archana Kadam & Manjari Bhasotia – 180