Congratulations, You Have Won The Fit Bharat Toe Tap Challenge!

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    The Fit Bharat Toe Tap contest was created specifically for pilates enthusiasts. This workout creates a hectic but peaceful state in the body (just what pilates does).

    To begin, we executed this toe tap without bending the knees, and instead of kneeling and tapping the floor, we tapped the toes with our palms.

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    Why The Toe Tap Challenge!

    Because you’re constantly touching each foot, you’re also strengthening your cardiovascular system. This implies that incorporating toe taps into your regular training program will help you raise your heart rate and boost metabolism while also increasing strength.

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    The toe tap exercise’s movement pattern trains your muscles for more advanced activities. Toe taps, as a functional strength workout, can make it simpler to accomplish daily tasks such as climbing the stairs.

    We had great hopes and were confident that you would accomplish this Fit Bharat Friday Fitness Challenge with the same vigor and zeal that you did the previous week. And if it helps you get pumped up for the next one, you haven’t let us down. Now comes the thrilling part…

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    Who won the Toe Tap Challenge? 

    Some very skilled people volunteered to take on this extremely difficult assignment, and each one performed wonderfully. Some displayed exceptional passion and skill, but just a handful were successful in completing this mission. The winners’ names are shown below. Congratulations to everyone, and thank you to everyone who participated!

    Men’s Category
    1. Abhay Kumar – 63 (Winner of 4th Feb Challenge so only certificate as per rules
    2. S.P. Sharma – 61
    3. Satya Prakash Abhay Tomar – 55
    4. Satyam Kumar – 51
    5. Mohit Vats – 39
    Women’s Category
    1. Sayali Bhagwat – 78
    2. Ekta Chaudhary – 68
    3. Suprita Poojary – 63
    4. Rutvija Shenvi – 60
    5. Monica Chaudhary – 57
    Special/Inspiring Category
    1. Shashank Mahalwal – 34

    The Special/Inspiring winner, as well as the first, second, and third place winners, will get a certificate and a Fast&Up hamper. The fourth and fifth place winners each receive a certificate for the fitness challenge. 

    (Each month, only one individual receives the hamper)

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