Fit Bharat presents this week’s Fit Bharat Friday Fitness Challenge, as well as some wonderful Fast&Up merchandise for the winner! This week will win you goodies with some toe tap workout. 

Attention all yoga fanatics: this contest is designed just for pilates geeks. This workout induces a chaotic but calm condition in the body (just what pilates does).

This exercise is called the Pilates toe tap, but it is not the same. To begin, this toe tap is performed without bending the knees and instead of bending and tapping the floor, we tap the toes with our palm.

We are optimistic that you will complete this week’s Fit Bharat Friday Fitness Challenge with the same energy and zest that you did last week.How To Do: Toe Taps

Why Toe Tap?

Toe Tap Challenge! Because you’re constantly touching each foot, you’re also strengthening your cardiovascular system. This implies that incorporating toe taps into your regular training programme will help you raise your heart rate and boost metabolism while also increasing strength.

The toe tap exercise’s movement pattern trains your muscles for more advanced activities.

Toe taps, as a functional strength workout, can make it simpler to accomplish daily tasks such as climbing the stairs.

How do you do this week's Fit Bharat Friday Fitness Challenge - Toe Tap?

Mr. Parvez delivers the presentation to the audience skillfully.

  1. Lie down on the floor with your back straight and your legs level and straight.
  2. Raise your arms over your head, parallel to the ground, as if you’re about to begin the workout.
  3. Raise your upper body and reach your arms forward to touch the toes of one leg.
  4. Return to the starting posture without bringing your arms all the way behind your ears.
  5. Lift your body once more to touch the opposite leg.
  6. Remember not to bend your knees while raising your legs.

Please warm up before beginning the strenuous workout. This Fit Bharat Friday Fitness Challenge works out the entire body with brisk stretching and sudden lifts, and could shock the muscles. Muscle strains and injuries might occur.

How do you win?

The winner is the individual who completes the most reps in one minute. Of obviously, there are rules:

  1. Your form must be magnificent, and it must be similar to Mr. Parvez’s. If two people have the same rank, their manner and method will be evaluated, and a judgement will be rendered afterwards.
  2. Use the hashtag #FitBharatToeTap and tag @FitBharat @FastandUp India @BeAtomicFit while posting a video of yourself participating in the Fit Bharat Friday Fitness Challenge on social media.
  3. Tag 3 friends and include them in this Toe Tap fitness challenge. 
  4. Fill out the Google form with a link to your Fit Bharat Friday Fitness Challenge post and the amount of reps you performed.
  5. The most important rule is to HAVE FUN!
Winners' Categories
  1. Three male winners
  2. Three female winners
  3. One special category winner