Fit Bharat ensures that their devoted exercise enthusiasts remain as fit as ever! Because we live in an age of technology and digital labour, being physically fit isn’t as important as it once was. Although you don’t need to be physically fit to cut down a tree or build a house, your intellect does. Physical activity or exercise can help you stay in better shape and lower your chance of acquiring diseases including type 2 diabetes, cancer, and cardiovascular disease. Physical activity and exercise can enhance your health both now and in the future.

This week’s Friday fitness challenge of the month is the Roll & Up Task, which is an interesting challenge. This challenge along with others should be enthusiastically participated in by people from all over India. The goal of the challenges is to ensure that any Indian, whether a child or an elderly person, could engage in a simple act of fitness.

What's the deal with the Roll & Up?

In their tweet, they have beautifully demonstrated the actions. Mr. Parvez performs the task expertly, with all of his movements clean and light. The task is to repeat the exact activity several times. The person who completes the most reps in a minute is crowned the champion.

The exercise for Roll & Up comprises lying down on the ground, raising your legs towards your head, and pushing them forward with force, pulling your body along with them. The crux of the challenge is to stand on your own two feet without using your hands or touching your palms to the ground.

To avoid injury, please be sure to warm up properly before doing this challenge. Spastic movements may increase the likelihood of muscle discomfort. Stretching exercises after the challenge are also recommended to maintain your body in shape and ready to take on future Fit Bharat challenges.

How to take part in the Roll & Up challenge?

All you need to do it record your video performing and then head to your social media. Put up the video with the hashtag #FitBharatRollUp and tag @FitBharat , @BeAtomicFit and @Fast&Up_India along with your 3 friends or more and encourage them to participate too!

Also, in order to be a part of this challenge, you need to fill out this form and gear up your abs to win!

Fitness does not have to include spending 4 to 5 hours in the gym. A physically fit individual is someone who, regardless of their body type, can run a mile.

Go participate and win exclusive Fast & Up hampers!To know more, head to twitter @FitBharat or @FitnessIndia1

Fit Bharat is the brain child of Major Surendra Poonia and former Mrs India World 2013 Shilpa Bhagat. At Fit Bharat, their purpose is to strengthen the motivation of each individual by setting very clear actionable goals and Challenges, supported by simple fitness tools, content and an inspiring & collaborative community.