Sonu Sood’s Smashing Fitness Addiction- Friday Fitness freak

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    We saw him in Singh is King, Ramaiya Vastavaiya and Happy New Year, but the one thing we always admired was his excellent physique.

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    Yes, we’re talking about Sonu Sood! The actor literally gives us fitness goals through his excellent physique and Instagram videos.

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    His Insta bio reads, “Actor, fitness lover, learner”. Well, you truly are all of these Sonu! The fitness freak actor manages his work life and gym routine like a pro.

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    Sonu Sood gives us fitness goals through his excellent physique and Instagram

    Here is 6 such exercises fitness freak Sonu Sood swears by.

    1. Pull-ups

    Sonu Sood practices pull ups for upper body. This exercise helps strengthen the body, improves stamina and concentration. Most importantly, pull-ups strengthen grip and promote weight loss as well.

    2. Parallel bar dips

    Sonu Sood practices this for chest and for improving body weight. Parallel bar dips help in stabilizing and activating muscle groups. It requires control over the bod. It might seem difficult but you should see how easily Sonu Sood practices it!

    3. Chest press

    Chest press affects Sonu’s chest, back muscles, shoulders, and triceps. This simple exercise strengthens the upper body and builds body mass.

    4. Push-ups

    Suno Sood’s workout routine involves regular exercises like push-ups as well! We almost thought that this man only does complex workouts. Push-ups are a common exercise which activates the entire body and increases functional strength. Push-ups also improve the cardiovascular system which then helps reduce body fat.

    5. Hanging leg raise

    This form of exercise is great for the abdomen and the lower back. Although hanging leg raises demand a lot of strength, it is great for improving the balance of the body. It does not stress the spine or lower back much but is still really effective in burning body fat. No wonder Sonu Sood has such a lean body!

    6. Seated calf raise

    This exercise mainly focuses on strengthening your calf muscles; one of the reasons why Sonu has perfect calve muscles.

    Besides this, the actor swears by the benefits of swimming, cycling, brisk walking, kick-boxing and yoga as well!

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