Pilates is becoming a popular workout for fitness enthusiasts and celebrities all around the world. Enthusiasts abound in our very own Bollywood.

Is it feasible to utilise Pilates as a tool for healthy living in this city, given the pollution, stressful work, and long commutes?

The previous 20-30 years’ lifestyle has resulted in the neck, back, shoulder, and knee problems, not just as a result of a lack of activity, but also as a result of pollution, particularly in India. Inadequate infrastructure and the environment also make it difficult for even those who wish to help.

Katrina Kaif

Katrina Kaif has been working with Yasmin Karachiwala for several years. “Pilates improves your body’s tiny muscles,” she remarked in her Instagram video. This improves your balance, flexibility, stamina, posture, and immunity.” Not only that, but this also aided Katrina Kaif’s dancing. Furthermore, the activity helps to strengthen the core.

Priety Zinta

In an Instagram video, Priety Zinta stated, “Pilates is the finest thing you can ever do for your physique.” It improves balance and can help avoid injuries. It also aids in the development of long, slim legs and a toned physique.

Alia Bhatt

Why The B-town Ladies Are Going Gaga Over Pilates

When Alia Bhatt travels, she takes a trainer with her. Alia has a travel reformer [a carriage on which the exercise is performed], and she’ll request a session from her fitness instructor because she just has an hour at home.

Make pilates your fitness mantra

Pilates is far more than just a workout routine. It is a low-impact workout that emphasises alignment, flexibility, and posture. It is a full-body workout that focuses on your core. As a high-intensity workout, it targets all body regions and is ideal for weight loss. You get more in tune with your body by stressing optimal breathing, spinal and pelvic alignment, and a focus on fluid, flowing movement.