Rujuta Diwekar is back with a new demonstration on how to strengthen our back muscles using simple and free-hand workout activities. The dietitian, who is leading a 12-week project on how to build strength and stability in the body with simple workouts that require no equipment, uploaded a video of herself displaying the programme that must be followed during the third week of January.

Rujuta continues to address the challenges that individuals confront as a result of the work-from-home culture, which promotes minimal mobility and body workouts. Rujuta Diwekar thinks that if we do not use our bodies, we would lose them.

The work-from-home lifestyle has been ingrained in our culture as a result of the coronavirus concern. This new work ethic requires us to sit in one posture for most of the day, which causes muscle stiffness and back pain.

Rujuta Diwekar summarised the workout routines that must be followed in order to develop back muscular strength and stability a day ago. A fitness regimen combines strength, stability, and stamina, and this time she demonstrated three back training routines.


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She laid down on her stomach and stretched her arms to the front for the first exercise. She then lifted one arm and held it steady for three counts.

She next performed the leg workout routine, lifting her legs from her thighs and holding them stable for three counts. She sat on all fours for the final exercise and lifted her alternate arm and leg for three counts. “Three back exercises. To increase bodily strength and stability”, she penned stuff. Take a look at her IGTV video where she demonstrates all of the exercises: These back exercises assist to strengthen the back muscles, improve mobility, relieve tension, and relieve pressure on the spine.