Anshula Kapoor enjoys her workouts as much as she enjoys posting silly videos from the gym on her Instagram account. Anshula Kapoor, sister of Bollywood actor Arjun Kapoor, inspired us with a little Boomerang video of herself walking on the treadmill on Sunday.

Anshula Kapoor’s Fitness Routine

Anshula’s Instagram account is otherwise full of photos and videos from her personal life and fashion diaries. Anshula is also a firm believer in addressing issues like body shaming and promoting self-love on her Instagram page.

Returning to Anshula Kapoor’s fitness routine, she had a great time on her treadmill at the gym. Anshula posted a brief video in which she can be seen walking on the treadmill while simultaneously filming the workout.

Anshula can be seen walking on the treadmill and focusing on her Sunday routine, dressed in a navy-blue graphic T-shirt and a pair of scarlet gym leggings.

Anshula used the video to communicate her humorous mood in a caption on her tales. Anshula wrote that the colour of her sweated-out face matched the colour of her crimson trousers. Take a look at some of Anshula’s Instagram stories for fragments of her workout video.

There are numerous health benefits to walking or running on a treadmill. It aids in the faster burning of calories than any other training programme. On a treadmill, the faster a person runs, the more calories they burn in a shorter amount of time.

Anshula Kapoor’s Fitness Routine

Treadmill running also aids in muscular development, shape, and endurance. It also aids in the improvement of the body’s cardiovascular health. It also aids in enhancing mental health and encouraging the body when implemented into a daily workout routine. It also aids in maintaining control when compared to running in the street or park.