The Kapoor family is well-known in the Bollywood business for being serious foodies. From the late Rishi Kapoor to his brothers Randhir and their children, Kareena, Karisma, and Ranbir, everyone in the Kapoor family is a foodie who enjoys trying out new dishes and drinks. Karisma Kapoor recently took to Instagram to tell a story about her Sunday brunch, and we were left drooling.

Karisma Kapoor’s culinary exploits are impossible to overlook. Karisma, on the other hand, has often demonstrated her fondness for sugary sweets. And her most recent Instagram post is all the more relatable. It is close to her breakfast hour. Just so you know, it will definitely make you hungry. So, what exactly did she eat?

 A delicious cheesecake topped with fresh strawberries and cream. Yes, you read that correctly. And why shouldn’t she? After all, Karisma is having “cheesecake for breakfast kinda morning.” Such assertions are not made by us. That is her caption. “Thank you (you know who),” she said, along with an embracing emoticon and hearts emoji.

While we’re not sure who presented her to this delectable-looking breakfast, we do know that it’s the nicest way to start the day on a Sunday. Even if weekends are similar to cheat days, we still care about you and want you to experience guilt-free pleasure.

Here are some delectable strawberry cheesecake recipes with a healthy spin

Karisma Kapoor Makes Us All Yearn For ‘Her Kinda’ BreakfastDon’t worry, vegetarians, because the name includes the word “cheese.” This dairy-free cheesecake is suited for a vegan diet. Whip up some vegan fresh cream cheese, use vegan biscuits for the cake’s crisp foundation, then smother it with vanilla and strawberry layers. Your delicious cheesecake is now ready.


Karisma Kapoor Makes Us All Yearn For ‘Her Kinda’ BreakfastIf you’re on a diet, especially a keto diet, you’ll be relieved to know that there’s one item you won’t have to wait until your cheat day for. Erythritol, liquid stevia, and xanthan gum are used to make this keto-friendly cheesecake. The flavorful strawberry sauce adds a splash of colour and flavour to the cheese.

No Sugar

Karisma Kapoor Makes Us All Yearn For ‘Her Kinda’ BreakfastBecause of the sugar, this cheesecake will be quite sweet. Powdered sweeteners are used in cheesecake to give it a delightful flavor while also keeping it healthful. Chopped strawberries and vanilla extract are also added to add natural sweetness and an enticing scent.


Karisma Kapoor Makes Us All Yearn For ‘Her Kinda’ BreakfastYou may be thinking what is so healthy about this. We’ll tell you it’s all about portion management. These tiny-sized cheesecakes are prepared with graham biscuits, strawberry sauce, whipped cream, and a mini treat for your taste buds when a pang of hunger strikes.