Pooja Hegde is a fitness fanatic who is constantly showcasing her sculpted abs. Preserving her physical game on point, the actress shared a video of herself undergoing a hard training session with her trainer. The caption for the video said, “Slow and controlled motions. Try it the next time #fitwithanappetite #slowmotion.”


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With her exercise videos on social media, the actress never fails to motivate her admirers. She was also photographed outside a gym after a pilates lesson. Along with her health, the celebrity is also a fashionista, as seen by her ability to pull off vibrant ensembles with elegance and panache. The actor is now working on her next film, Radhe Shyam.

Slow burn, a type of resistance training, allows us to work out all of the body’s muscles and improves the effectiveness of the fitness regimen.

The workout emphasises breathing control, accuracy, and fluid movement. Slow burn allows the practitioner to maintain total control over his or her muscles. Every muscle is targeted individually to the point of twitch, which aids in fat burning and potentially the replacement of fat with lean muscle if done on a regular basis.Pooja Hegde Introduces Us To Slow And Steady Workouts, They're A Game Changer!

Although Pilates might not burn as many calories as running, it is still a calorie-crushing workout. As per data from North America’s IDEA Health and Fitness Association- 

  1. A complete beginner Pilates class may burn four calories per minute
  2. An intermediate class can burn six calories per minute
  3. An advanced class can burn 7.5 calories per minute

In truth, slow and steady motions have been shown to assist the body shed fat when combined with a healthy diet and sleep schedule.