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Sports Supplements : Just Tempting or Necessary?

Sports supplements can be pretty tempting when you first spot them at the grocery store. Simply because they come in the form of gummies,...

5 Biohacking Supplements You Need to Incorporate

What is biohacking, you might ask? Well, it’s a DIY way to make changes in your lifestyle for improved health and wellness. These changes are usually small...

5 Benefits of B12 IV Therapy

What is Vitamin B12?  Vitamin B12 helps your body create red blood cells, and prevents anemia. It also supports bone health and the production of...

Jennifer Winget’s furious fitness nature.

Actor Jennifer Winget is well known for her beauty & fitness besides her acting skills in shows like 'Beyhadh' and 'Bepannah'. A UK-based newspaper Eastern...

IV Hydration At Home: All You Need to Know

Staying hydrated is essential to living a healthy lifestyle. Hydration is responsible for many vital functions, including regulating our body temperature, maintaining a healthy weight,...

Sapna Vyas Patel’s Sizzling Transformation

Sapna Vyas Patel is a professional fitness trainer who lost 33 Kgs within just one year! She motivates people with her health and fitness tips....

5 Health and Wellness Apps You Need In Your Life

There’s no denying that our phones have become a vital part of our everyday routine, so we might as well start using them to...

5 Ways to Promote Muscle Restoration

It’s commonly believed that the key to reaching your fitness goals is training as hard as possible; but while giving your all is important,...

What is Intravenous Therapy?

What is Intravenous Therapy? by Amber Theuer Used for decades in hospitals and medical settings, intravenous therapy, or IV therapy, has traditionally aided symptoms from dehydration to nutrient-absorption...

Basic components of a balanced diet!

Sometimes we don’t have the chance to eat 3 square meals a day, which can throw our metabolism out of order hack or even...
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