Katrina’s Ab Workout Will Leave You Yearning For Some Chiseled Abs Like Her!

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    Katrina Kaif’s dance moves have wowed viewers in all of her films! Whether it was the racy dancing in Sheila Ki Jawani or the mid-air manoeuvres in Malang Malang, she dazzled us. Most people are unaware of how much effort it takes to continually put on such enthusiastic performances while being in shape. The famous ‘Katrina’s ab workout’ routine was shared by the celebrity recently.

    Katrina has revealed some insights from her workout regimen with her fans since she finally joined social media. However, we’ve never been privy to her particular regimen. The actress definitely exercises on a daily basis, but we’ve all been wondering what she does to keep toned.

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    If you’re searching for some enthusiasm or a New Year‘s goal to hit the gym, Katrina’s ab workout video is a great place to start. Katrina came to Instagram to post a video of herself working out. In the video, she can be seen working out with her fitness trainer, Yasmin Karachiwala, to tone her abs.

    Katrina posted the two short videos on her Instagram stories and of course, the sensation has been lit ever since being labelled as ‘Katrina’s ab workout’. “Last exercise of the year,” she captioned the video, and she also tagged Yasmin Karachiwala. The actress is wearing a bright pink tank top and grey tights.

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    In the first scenario, Katrina’s ab workout included doing leg lifts on her left leg with a brief hold and tie flips to stretch her calves while using bands to support her upper back. In the second story, she and Yasmin were shown doing crunch pulses with the aid of the bands that worked on the entire core area.

    The video makes it appear simple, but the number of repetitions will put your fitness level to the test and, over time, will help your body grow adapted to advanced workouts. Overall, this workout may help you target different regions and muscle groups while shaping your body and staying fit like Katrina.

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