The Magic Of Pilates

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    Pilates is not simply a method of physical fitness that is popular among the hollywood-bollywood elite or the rich and famous. In fact, its prevalence among celebrities is simply a reflection of its growing popularity throughout the world. 

    Pilates is a low-impact exercise that aims to strengthen your muscles while improving postural alignment & flexibility. While the majority of people are still in the dark when it comes to the benefits of pilates, starting it might just change your favorite workout routine! Regardless of the ways you try to train your body on a day to day basis, this form of workout can be a game changer, no matter your fitness background.

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    Here are some benefits of Pilates :-

    Lowering Blood Pressure
    Exercise is a great way of managing high blood pressure. Studies have shown that regular Pilates can actually help to lower blood pressure to normal levels if it’s too high. If you have blood pressure problems, pilates can be very beneficial as many of the exercises are mat-based.

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    Reduced Muscle Tension
    People that regularly experience tense muscles or joints often find this to be a valuable agent in the reduction of the tense body parts. Pilates contribute to relaxation by directing the body to recruit specific muscles in a controlled manner which increases overall strength and also aids in reducing the build-up of muscle tension.

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    Reduction In Headaches
    This workout has often been shown to reduce or eliminate the pain associate with headaches and (sometimes) migraines. The long periods of mild activity may eliminate the pain or at least give you an extended break from it. Pilates also enables you to practice proper breathing exercises which will ultimately allow you to increase your breath cycles, increasing the amount of oxygen your body is receiving and decreasing the amount of headaches you’re experiencing.


    Increasing Focus & Concentration
    By allowing your brain time to relax, Pilates has the ability to greatly increase focus and concentration. By practicing this form, before undertaking a large project or physical activity, you can assure that you will be more able to perform the functions of the activity more effectively.

    Feeling Of Emotional Stability & Improvement Of Memory
    People that regularly practice pilates have been shown to be less likely you experience anxiety, stress, major depression and conditions like bipolar syndrome. By relaxing the brain, this workout has often been show to increase memory in the participant.

    While pilates falls in the low-impact realm, one should not disregard warming up before hand. Just like every other form of exercise, starting low and going slow is key.88

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