Resistance exercises are not the same as resistance to exercise! Rather, it’s a sort of workout that has grown in favour over the last decade or so as researchers find the numerous advantages it provides.

Resistance exercises are defined as any activity that causes muscular contractions against an external load in order to enhance strength, tone, mass, and/or durability. Dumbbells, rubber exercise tubing, your own body weight, blocks, bottles of water, or any other object that stimulates the muscles to contract can be used as external resistance.

Resistance Exercises For The Back

Resistance Exercises For Strengthening Muscles

The key to your back is your front, and focusing on your core muscles is the most crucial technique to avoid the agony of low back pain. The belt of muscles that wraps around your abdomen is known as your core. Tighten the muscles beneath your palms and place your hands directly above your hips.

  1. Side Plank
  2. Leg Adduction 
  3. Plank
Knee Resistance Exercises

Resistance Exercises For Strengthening Muscles

Your knees are mechanical marvels. Your quadriceps, the four major muscles at the front of your thighs, are crucial to your knees.

Knee pain is not natural, which means it should not be seen as inevitable or unavoidable. That kind of attitude might lead to the formation of planned unfavourable behaviours, which will further exacerbate the situation. Training with specialised exercises to help maintain the knees durable is a regular component we find. Here are some exercises for strengthening your knees:

  1. Straight Leg Raises
  2. Short-Arc Squats
  3. Wall Slides
Leg Resistance Exercises That Work

Resistance Exercises For Strengthening Muscles

You might not even notice the muscles in your lower thighs unless one of them is sore or inflamed. Without any equipment, you can strengthen your lower legs and prevent muscle imbalance and shin splints of any kind of equipment. These exercises may be done at the office, in the airport, or in the kitchen while cooking.

Here are two leg-strengthening exercises to try:

  1. Wall Shin Raises
  2. Heel Step Downs
Shoulder Resistance Exercises That Work

Resistance Exercises For Strengthening Muscles

The shoulder is a highly mobile joint that needs the synchronisation of multiple tiny muscle groups in order to operate effectively and painlessly. Spending extra time exercising these little muscles will have a significant impact.

These may be done with exercise bands or modest weights. The resistance exercises should be just enough to cause a little burn in your muscles, but no more. It’s too much if you’re employing so much resistance that you have to use your entire back to pull the band or raise the weight. If your back and trunk move or jerk as you elevate your arm, you’re utilising them.

  1. Arm Raises