Best summer fruits for constipation and bowel movement

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    Constipation is frequent throughout the summer months due to water loss caused by hot temperatures. Fruits and vegetable aid in the smoothing of stools and the ease of bowel movements. These are some fruits that you should consume during the summer.

    Our gut health is linked to our entire health, so it’s no surprise that digestive difficulties like constipation, bloating, and acidity can have an impact on our mental health, causing mood disorders, poor energy during the day, and a variety of other health concerns. Constipation is diagnosed when there is no bowel movement or extremely firm stools for three days or longer. Other symptoms of persistent constipation include bloating, stomach discomfort, and cramping. Constipation is primarily caused by our diet.

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    Constipation is caused by eating deep-fried or low-fibre meals, drinking very little water during the day, and being under a lot of stress.

    Consuming a well-balanced diet can aid in the treatment of digestive disorders. Fruits, vegetables, beans, legumes, and whole grains all have a significant quantity of soluble and insoluble fibre, which softens and bulks up the stools, making them easier to pass.

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    Dehydration is more frequent in the summer because of the scorching heat, perspiration, and increased need for water to keep the body cool. Constipation occurs when there is insufficient water in our system. Aside from fibre, there are a number of fruits that are high in water content and might benefit our gut health.

    “Mango, berries, grapes, watermelon, papaya, apples, bananas, sweet oranges, and muskmelon are among the most popular summer fruits. The main benefit of fruit is that it is high in water content, many of them are high in fibre, and they also help reduce sugar cravings. All of these factors have a role in treating constipation and boosting the benefits of prebiotics in the stomach “Anupama Menon, a nutritionist, said in an interview.

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    Constipation can also be caused by consuming high-sugar, high-calorie foods on a frequent basis. Those post-lunch sweet cravings may persuade you to indulge in that tempting dessert you’ve been avoiding all day.

    “When we have sugar cravings, especially in the evenings when stress wears us down, nothing can stop us from grabbing for sinful chocolates/desserts and then wondering what struck us after that incredible sugar high. Sugar has a negative impact on the gut and is maybe one of the leading causes of constipation”, Menon explains.

    According to the dietitian, eating fruits is an excellent approach to not only avoid sugar cravings but also to boost your intestinal health.



    Best summer fruits for constipation and bowel movement

    One apple a day helps keep stomach problems at bay. Apples contain pectin, a soluble fibre that is believed to ease constipation. Remember to eat apples with their peel, therefore choosing organic apples may be useful.


    Best summer fruits for constipation and bowel movement

    Oranges, both juicy and sweet, are an excellent approach to avoid constipation. Oranges have a high fibre content as well as Vitamin C, which provides us with a healthy dosage of antioxidants.


    Best summer fruits for constipation and bowel movement

    Papaya is one such summer fruit that, if consumed as a night snack or evening snack, may help with regular bowel movements.

    Prunes and black raisins

    Best summer fruits for constipation and bowel movement

    Not to mention that soaking dry fruits like black raisins and prunes in water and eating them every morning might aid with a fantastic moving stomach.

    Constipation cure

    1 small banana + 4-5 soaked black raisins, 5 times per week, 12 hours before bed, will contribute to regular bowel movements throughout the year.

    “A good stomach equals a good mind! Quit at nothing to guarantee that your stomach is healthy every day “Menon finishes.

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