To begin, what exactly is face yoga? It is a technique that involves activating, massaging, and stretching the facial muscles and skin while also stimulating the lymphatic system. Face yoga, like traditional yoga, can be a powerful tool for promoting longevity and reducing inflammation. Here are the top 5 face yoga exercises for a more toned and youthful appearance.

Smooth forehead

This workout is for you if you have lines across your forehead. Make fists with both hands, then move your fingers and knuckles horizontally from the centre of your forehead to your hairline.

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5 Face Yoga Exercises For A Radiant Glowing Face

Are those little, vertical lines between your eyes starting to bother you? Give it a shot. Hook your finger and then massage your forehead with it—From your brow to your hairline, work your way down. This should be done across the area between your eyes.

Lifted eyebrows

5 Face Yoga Exercises For A Radiant Glowing Face

Press your index fingers on either side of your nose bridge to keep your brows in place. Take a moment to catch your breath before tracing and massaging the brow line with your fingers.

Chiselled cheeks

5 Face Yoga Exercises For A Radiant Glowing Face

Want contoured, lively cheeks? If this is the case, softly slide your index and middle fingers from your chin to your jaw. Carry on brushing this motion up the cheek to the cheekbone. Pause your fingers on your temples for a great calming acupressure point on the last stroke up the cheekbone.

Neck firmer

5 Face Yoga Exercises For A Radiant Glowing Face

This practice will provide much-needed relaxation if you feel like you’re holding all of your stress in your neck these days. Puff your lips and turn your head at a 45-degree angle. Then, with the same hand as the side of the neck, you’re stretching, create a fist and gently glide your knuckles from your jaw down to your neckline. Rep on the opposite side.

(Note: Make sure your face and hands are clean, then use face oil so your hands glide over your skin.) This procedure can also be done using a gua sha.)