Watch out for Ranbir Kapoor’s new training video and see how he became jacked for his most recent movie!

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    We saw Ranbir Kapoor in a variety of physiques to complement his characters in 2022, from a chiselled young man with superpowers in Brahmastra: Part One to a bearded heartthrob in Shamshera. We’ve met yet another lean avatar thanks to the release of his most recent movie, Tu Jhoothi Main Makkaar.

    Two years ago, he first began his pre-production workouts with famous fitness trainer Shivoham. “One of the most diligent and devoted individuals I have ever worked with is Ranbir. I can count on my fingers how many times he has been late to a training session,” he claims.


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    Kapoor’s drive to learn new things about his body and his curiosity about it are qualities Shivoham, who is also preparing him for his next film Animal, admires.

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    In this rare video, Shivoham gives us a glimpse of his exercise sessions with the actor. In order for you to use the chest and shoulder movements in the workout in your personal fitness regimen, we asked him to explain them.

    Watch out for Ranbir Kapoor's new training video and see how he became jacked for his most recent movie, exclusively!

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    Check out this upper body exercise recommended by Ranbir Kapoor

    Ring dips

    This gymnastic manoeuvre emphasises the triceps, shoulders, and chest. It is a more difficult form of parallel bar dips since it targets your core muscles as well as the smaller muscles that provide upper body stability.

    Overhead dumbbell press

    This is a traditional shoulder workout that works both your triceps and the whole shoulder. Dumbbells, kettlebells, and a barbell can all be used to do it.

    Cable fly

    The two chest muscles’ separation is worked on during this specific exercise, which is utilised to train the chest. There are several ways to conduct the cable fly that will target various parts of the chest and have an overall impact.

    Shoulder rotations with dumbbells

    This motion hits your shoulders, traps, and upper back in a manner similar to the butterfly stroke in swimming. To ensure you feel the force without sacrificing your form, it is frequently employed as a finisher in shoulder exercises.

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