Salma Hayek And Her Secret To Her Swimsuit Worthy Body

The Mexican artist, 55, has been outspoken about her healthy lifestyle, which includes balanced meals and some unorthodox activities, but the greatest part about her down-to-earth regimen is that it is completely feasible.

Here’s what Salma Hayek has said about her fitness routine.

Salma, what do you have for breakfast?

Salma’s beloved first meal of the day is a little out of the ordinary, but she swears it’s tasty and healthful. Her “breakfast special” consists of a variety of berries, fruits, and veggies.

“It doesn’t seem like it tastes wonderful, but it’s fantastic,” she said as she revealed her step-by-step tutorial to the substantial lunch on Instagram.

Salma enjoys juicing.

Salma Hayek And Her Secret To Her Swimsuit Worthy Body

Salma Hayek does appreciate one type of diet, and that is detoxing. She was so inspired that she founded her own firm.

“When I’m upset, I resort to food for comfort,” she explained on her website. “I’m driven to eat healthier and not emotionally after having a juice detox. Cleansing is similar to my meditation. It causes me to pause, focus, and consider what I’m putting into my body. “I’m committing to my health and pressing the reset button.”

Is Salma Hayek a dieter?

Salma is a self-proclaimed gourmand who stated on her juice website Cooler Cleanse, “I don’t like to diet and I’m not good at it.”

But she’s proud of her curves and acknowledges that her weight fluctuates. “I’m not a thin girl,” she explained. “I make a push. I’m always on the verge of being chubby, but I’m always happy.”

What does Salma Hayek eat for lunch?

Salma is not one to shy away from fat; in fact, she believes that “fat is your buddy.” That doesn’t mean she eats rich, artificial meals for lunch, but it does mean she enjoys a substantial, avocado, and chicken sandwich. And because she is Mexican, she enjoys returning home to her mum’s tamales.

Salma consumes insects…YES

We acknowledge that this isn’t quite feasible, but Salma Hayek says that she doesn’t mind eating a creepy-crawly or two.

She said that in Mexico, they “had crickets, then ant eggs, and then we fed them worms. You cook them. Everything tastes wonderful when it’s fried, but these are really delectable. The bugs are amazing!”

Salma appreciates nice food and wine.

Salma Hayek And Her Secret To Her Swimsuit Worthy Body

Salma Hayek is married to French billionaire Francois-Henri Pinault and spends most of her time in France, which presents a few nutritional challenges – or blessings – for her.

“Everyone has a weakness, and my weakness is food,” she explained. “If you like cuisine and red wine and they put you in France, you’re in excellent company.”