At 7 feet 1 and 180 kilos, Khali has a massive body to nurture. So it’s understandable that his diet is massive, with a high protein regimen to aid him.

It goes without saying that one’s general health is determined by what one eats and how much they workout. So it is with wrestler and actor The Great Khali, who recently turned to Instagram to reveal his diet.

He said that he consumes eggs and figs, both of which are high in protein and hence form an important element of his diet. “This is my eating plan. When eating eggs, consume the white and not the yellow component (yolk), which contains cholesterol,” he said.

Why Eggs?

Eggs are regarded as superfoods. In fact, they are acknowledged as a low-cost, flexible, and easily digested source of protein.The Great Khali Shares His Two Secret FoodsEggs are high in a variety of nutrients, many of which are deficient in today’s diet.

The white or transparent, thick liquid that envelopes an egg’s bright yellow yolk is composed of approximately 90% water and 10% protein.

Egg white protein is also termed ‘high-quality complete protein,’ which means it includes all nine necessary amino acids in the proportions required by the body. Egg whites can be a good option for persons who need a lot of protein but also need to control their calorie consumption, such as athletes or bodybuilders.

While the yolk contains all of the cholesterol and fat in eggs, egg whites are known to contain no fat or cholesterol. They also don’t have any carbs or sugar.

His Workouts

The Great Khali Shares His Two Secret FoodsMeanwhile, the 7-foot-2-inch-tall wrestler, who also works out every day, and said, “I am extremely mindful of what I eat, but I also enjoy my favourite cuisines.”

“So it’s a well-balanced diet for me.” My diet consists of chicken, egg, rice, and dal — a good combination of carbohydrates, fats, proteins, and fibre. People’s health is worsening nowadays as a result of improper eating habits; to avoid this, we need to be mindful of what we eat. In addition, I do not believe in using shortcuts to acquire a specific degree of fitness. Khali, who works out for a couple of hours each day, also often posts videos of himself practising a combination of bodyweight workouts and yoga.