According to the Yahoo Year in Review list, Kareena Kapoor Khan is the Most Searched Female Celebrity of the Year, and with reason.

Kareena is an actress, a trendsetter, and, as we all know, a fitness fanatic. As a result, She is frequently seen working out hard to stay fit as a fiddle. Along with exercise, the Jab We Met actress has been a vocal supporter of enjoying home-cooked, healthy meals.

Experts emphasize that doing out every day needs more than just physical dedication; it is also important for one’s mental and emotional wellbeing.


Kareena, 41, advocates a gradual and steady approach. The actor, who mostly works out with yoga trainer Anshuka Parwani and adopts nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar’s food advice, frequently posts peeks of her workouts, which involve a combination of cardio, body shaping workouts, and yoga.

She sticks to her exercise practice no matter what, whether it’s a simple stretch or 108 Surya Namaskars.

Poise and Grace

Working out also necessitates perfecting the motions and doing them correctly, which Kareena accomplishes with ease and elegance. She seemed to be mastering all of the manoeuvres with ease.


There is a narrow line separating consistency and commitment, with the latter resulting from one’s resolve and the willingness to pursue practising. Kareena, who gave birth to her second son Jeh in February of this year, has been training out religiously in order to gradually remove the post-pregnancy weight.


Kareena can also be seen stretching and improving her mobility with positions like Natarajasana, which take a lot of body strength.


Oh, and how could we overlook her post-workout glow? If you’re still not convinced, here’s some irrefutable evidence.