The Best Body Weight Workout On A Time Crunch

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    Working out at home might be a choice or mandatory owing to one’s connectivity to a gym or any other plausible reason.
    The general trend surrounding fitness is that one needs to go to the gym to build a body and at-home workouts are nowhere close. But in reality, going to the gym and not doing the right exercises will not benefit you in any way either, if we continue with that mindset. At-home workouts can be great with the combination of the right movements and weights once one has perfected their forms to avoid any future injuries.

    Here is a good bodyweight core-focused workout you can try when running low on time:-

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    The Best Body Weight Workout On A Time Crunch1. Bench Dips
    We all have a table/sofa/bed at our houses, right? There, you have the equipment all ready! Performing bench dips will help you train the core as well as your upper body (your triceps, shoulders & chest) as your arms are holding the weight of your body but your core is maintaining the balance. This movement will definitely make you feel the burn and will be a good starter for activating your core. One can perform this exercise for 30-45s for 3 sets.

    The Best Body Weight Workout On A Time Crunch2. Car Wipers
    Just as the name suggests, one moves their legs from left to right or right to left like a car wiper. Holding your legs just a little above the ground will also make you feel the burn but the added oscillating movement of the legs will also help you in training your obliques a little more while hitting the core in general. One can either lay down completely on the ground or hold onto a bench leg on the top of their head while performing. This movement can be done for around 45 seconds,3-4 sets.

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    The Best Body Weight Workout On A Time Crunch3. Hollow Holds
    Hollow holds are just like jack knives but a tad bit easier as jack knives require a lot more core strength to maintain balance. While hollow holds are also not that simple, one can master them in a few tried. They also help in stabilizing your lower back and are an excellent move for targeting the obliques, quads, and the entire core. This should be done for 3 sets, 30-45 seconds each.

    The Best Body Weight Workout On A Time Crunch4. Squats
    While people with knee problems should sit this one out, others who don’t should stop demonizing this movement. Not only do squats train tour lower body but also your core muscles, which are the best of both worlds. You don’t need any equipment and practically do it anytime, anywhere and the varieties are endless. You can either do the traditional squatting movement and/or pair them with pulses and holds. This should be performed for anywhere between 45 secs – 1 minute depending on your level for 3 sets.

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    The Best Body Weight Workout On A Time Crunch5. Wall Sits
    While this movement is lower body-focused when performed correctly and for a longer duration, it helps in strengthening your abs too. Simply place your back on the wall and make a 90° angle with your knees, hamstrings, and calves. On should hold this for 45 seconds-1 minute and include this movement as a finisher of their workout as the burn is real!

    This was an example of a good at-home bodyweight workout one can follow when starting their fitness journey or not being able to hit the gym. One can either perform these exercises back to back for 3 sets or do each for 3 and then move on to the next.

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