Collagen Powder: 11 Clever Applications

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    Collagen powder has several potential advantages, ranging from restoring a youthful glow to relieving joint discomfort. While the body produces collagen from protein-rich foods, oral collagen supplements such as tablets and powders give a unique type known as hydrolyzed collagen. This collagen has been broken down into peptides that may be simpler to absorb than ordinary collagen. It’s no surprise that collagen supplements have grown popular among those looking for better skin, nails, joints, and other areas.

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    You may undoubtedly incorporate collagen in your diet on a regular basis, but stirring it into ordinary water will quickly become monotonous.

    Looking to add something more intriguing (and tasty) to your collagen routine? Try these 11 inventive ways to incorporate it into dishes and beverages.

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    Mix it into your yoghurt

    11 Ingenious Uses for Collagen Powder

    Collagen powder looks great swirled into flavoured yoghurt. Consider including some berries or citrus fruits into your mid-morning or afternoon snack. The extra vitamin C provided by these fruits aids in the stimulation of collagen formation.

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    Make it into bars by baking it

    Baked sweets and collagen powder are a marriage made in heaven! Whether you’re making protein bars, granola bars, or brownies, you can sneak in a dose of collagen. Squeeze some into these chocolaty flaxseed brownies.

    Incorporate it into scrambled eggs

    With 6 grammes of protein per big egg, scrambled eggs are already a high-protein meal. Increase the protein content of your morning scramble by mixing in unflavored collagen powder. (A sprinkling of cheese masks any gritty flavour.) You may use this technique to make any mixed egg dish you choose, such as quiches, frittatas, and egg casseroles.

    Make a Smoothie with it

    11 Ingenious Uses for Collagen Powder

    Smoothies are the most common way to obtain your daily collagen, but they don’t have to be boring. Make a chocolaty dessert smoothie with your favourite powder. For a quick dessert, combine 1/2 cup plain Greek yoghurt, 1/4 cup milk, 1 frozen banana, 1 tablespoon of chocolate syrup, and a scoop of collagen powder.

    Put it in Soup

    Although not every soup is a good candidate for collagen powder, cream-based soups readily include this supplement into its velvety fold. If you add a serving or two of unflavored collagen powder to this potato, leek, and white bean soup, you’ll probably never notice.

    Make creamy pasta with it

    Creamy pastas, like creamy soups, provide velvety vessels for concealed collagen. Mix some unflavored collagen powder into your mac and cheese or pasta alfredo sauce.

    Combine with Nut Butter

    While you’re reaching for the jar of peanut butter, reach for the jar of collagen powder as well. Powdered collagen is readily incorporated into the creaminess of nut butter and other spreads.

    Mix it into the muffin batter

    Muffins for skin and joint health seem like a dream come true, but adding collagen powder to muffin batter is another method to acquire additional collagen. It’s a great addition to these raspberry oatmeal muffins, which are strong in fibre from whole-grain oats and brimming with luscious berries. (Don’t worry; the high temperatures of oven baking will have no effect on the nutritious content of collagen powder.)

    Mix it into your coffee or tea

    11 Ingenious Uses for Collagen Powder

    It doesn’t get much easier than incorporating collagen into a cup of coffee or tea. In heated liquids, the powder dissolves quickly. Just make sure to fully mix to avoid any unsightly clumps in your morning drink. (You may also try adding milk or creamer to disguise textural differences.)

    Put it in your oatmeal

    Oatmeal’s substantial texture is ideal for concealing a powdered supplement. This cinnamon roll oatmeal, enhanced with collagen, will keep you going in the morning.

    Combine it with the applesauce

    11 Ingenious Uses for Collagen Powder

    When you have a need for applesauce, it’s a great time to add collagen. Whether homemade or store-bought, the moisture in applesauce easily absorbs the powder.

    To make your own protein-packed sauce, core, slice, and peel four apples and throw them in a skillet. Cover with water (approximately 3/4 cup) and boil until the apples begin to break down, stirring regularly. Add sugar and cinnamon to taste, as well as a scoop of collagen powder, and mash until smooth.

    A Thought from Fitness India Show

    Including collagen powder in your daily meals and snacks might be a gastronomic experience! Start with the ideas above for inspiration, or come up with your own. Speak with a certified dietitian if you have any questions or concerns about including collagen in your diet.

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