Is Loofah Hygienic and Safe To Use?

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    After a hard day, there’s nothing better than slipping into a steamy hot bath. You undoubtedly have a few favourite products that you use as part of your self-care routine to take care of your skin and relax your mind. However, one thing you may be using that may be doing more damage than good is your loofah.

    Showering may cleanse your body of exterior pathogens, but utilising abrasive loofahs might compromise your sanitation and perhaps your skin health. In fact, most dermatologists do not advocate them—and would never use them on their own skin.

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    1. High maintenance 

    According to the expert, loofah requires special care before and after usage. It is left hanging for hours in a moist environment, creating a microbe basin.  Skin infections could become a fairly frequent irritant in our lives unless we pay close attention to pre and post-bath disinfection.

    2. Time spent with a loofah – the extra step

    Loofahs require too much of your attention to keep in a relaxing environment – they must be dried, washed, and replaced. Bodywash baths, on the other hand, can provide regular maintenance without the use of harsh chemicals.

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    3. On the skin, it is abrasive

    Exfoliation is frequently cited as a reason for purchasing a loofah. However, we frequently miss the reality that not all skin types can tolerate this daily practice, and, more crucially, that this ritual is not required every day. On sensitive skin, these sponges might be overly abrasive, causing redness or irritation. Excessive exfoliating causes the skin to become dry and flaky. You may possibly get a rash-like texture or breakouts, particularly tiny, hard, bumpy pimples.

    4. And, what about the lather?

    Is Loofah Hygienic To Use?

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    It’s a long-held belief that body washes should be used with a loofah to create lather. Body washes may be lathered up by putting a little quantity in your palms and rubbing your hands together to create lather. As a result, you may cheerfully toss the loofah.

    So, it’s time to rest, breathe, and cure your skin with relaxing body washes without loofahs.

    What should you use instead of loofah?

    Loofahs aren’t the only way to exfoliate your skin; in fact, you could throw a stone in any direction at a beauty shop and hit a variety of exfoliating choices. She recommends looking for natural exfoliating soaps and body cleansers that do not include microbeads.

    Is Loofah Hygienic To Use?

    Microbeads pollute the environment. There are several recipes online for preparing your own [body scrub] using salt, aromatic oils, and your favourite anti-bacterial body cleanser.

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