Hunger pangs attempt to restore energy expenditure to its initial rate. Because our brain believes our body is famished, it goes into conservation mode. Its message is, “You must be hungry!” Here are some ideas to help you get rid of those annoying hunger cravings.

A little mindful nibbling goes a long way:

Here’s How You Can Manage Hunger Pangs And Combat Weight Gain During The Holiday Season

Instead of fried meals, wafers, biscuits, or other calorie-laden items, choose foods that are healthy and filling, such as almonds, which are tasty and high in nutrient content, as well as having satiating characteristics that will leave the individual satisfied for a prolonged period of time. Almonds are a good source of healthy fats and fibre, which leads to a repressed unconscious urge to eat other high-fat meals and is a good weight-loss approach.

As per the study, eating almonds on a daily basis not only aids in weight loss but also in reducing abdominal fat and waist circumference.

The proper approach to lessen hunger pangs is as follows:

The proper technique to alleviate hunger pangs is to focus your attention on anything else when hunger pangs come. Although moderate hunger is not hazardous, many of us have gotten nervous about experiencing it, and as a result, some of us overeat, unknowingly causing weight gain.

Binge eating and the intake of calorie-rich meals is rather prevalent, particularly during the holiday season. When hunger pains strike at this time of year, most of us indulge in our favourite sweets guilt-free, but we quickly discover that we have packed on all those extra kilogrammes while enjoying our favourite festivities. As a result, selecting the proper type of meals becomes even more vital.

Tips and techniques for avoiding weight gain:

Portion control-

Here’s How You Can Manage Hunger Pangs And Combat Weight Gain During The Holiday Season


Portion control is an excellent way to maintain weight, specifically throughout the festival season. While we all tend to gorge around this season of the year, adopting intentional decisions such as utilising smaller plates and practising intuitive eating is an excellent strategy to combat the problem of weight gain.

Mindful eating-

According to research, those who eat while preoccupied are more likely to overeat. This is due to their inability to pay heed to their bodies’ fullness cues. Chew slowly and thoroughly to improve your ability to recognise your body’s satiety sensations and ingest fewer calories.


Here’s How You Can Manage Hunger Pangs And Combat Weight Gain During The Holiday Season

Combine this with basic workouts like squats, push-ups, lunges, crunches, and planks, and you’ll be able to shed those extra holiday kilogrammes in no time.