Tara Sutaria Does Not Believe In Skincare

Tara Sutaria Does Not Believe In Skincare

Tara Sutaria, the Bollywood beauty, may not upload videos and photographs on her Instagram handle each day, but when she does, we see everything lovely, inspirational, and kind. We’re fascinated by the beauty influence seeping from her social media account, whether it’s her bright makeup or a theatrical hairdo! We looked through Tara’s Instagram and found some great beauty suggestions.

What her actual skincare looks like!

Tara Sutaria says, “I don’t believe in following fads in general, let alone skincare fads. I feel that your skin is incredibly personal and that you should do what you believe in. Because I have sensitive skin, I have always followed certain skin routines. Simple things like drinking healthy juices and eating meals that keep you hydrated, as well as getting your beauty sleep, may go a long way. I have a basic morning ritual of washing, toning, and moisturizing, and I wash my face with lukewarm and occasionally cold water.”

Tara Sutaria and her love for her lipstick

Tara Sutaria Does Not Believe In SkincareWhether it’s a strong red or a lustrous pink, if you find a lip colour that complements your skin complexion, have it on hand at all times. Tara once said that she always seems to have her lipstick in her bag, even if she doesn’t carry anything else. We’ve found that her favourite colours are pale pink or rose.

Bold eyeshadow for the balance

Tara Sutaria Does Not Believe In SkincareBecause red/purple eyeshadow is such a difficult color to work with, few people try it. If you make a mistake, you may appear sick or fatigued instead of wide-eyed and alert. Tara Sutaria has always been a great admirer of make-up and enjoys experimenting with various looks. This red eyeshadow look is unquestionably flattering for the actress.

Tara Sutaria loves home-based beauty recipes

Tara Sutaria Does Not Believe In Skincare

“When it pertains to ghar-ke-nuskhe, I either use a neem-based facial mask or a mixture of yoghurt, besan, honey, and lime. Once a week, I mix it and apply it. It soothes my skin, cools it down, and refreshes it.”

She busted a skincare myth…

Tara Sutaria says, “When I was little, I used to believe that popping a pimple would make it go, which is entirely false. While there are methods for reducing swelling and inflammation, it’s better to let it go and let things happen naturally.”

Who does she turn to for beauty advice?

“My mum is definitely my go-to source for beauty tips. She has had a significant impact on my life. I like how she has conducted herself throughout her life, both socially and professionally.”