Fit Bharat Friday PushUp Plank Challenge

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    Didn’t we just finish the Stand Up challenge? Here’s a brand new challenge, but the fitness freaks appear to be enthusiastic. PushUp Plank is this week’s Fit Bharat Friday Fitness Challenge. Yes, it’s a two-for-one deal, which means double the trouble! This workout will provide you with numerous health benefits; continue reading to learn more.

    What exactly is a push up plank?
    1. Begin by performing a push-up workout.
    2. Hands on the ground, toes supporting your weight, and elbows straight. As a starting point, your body should be inclined.
    3. As if you were doing a push up, bend your elbows and move towards the ground.
    4. Stop descending until your hips, shoulders, and head are all in the same plane.
    5. Keep your attention ahead of you and hold this stance for as long as you can.

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    What is the purpose of a PushUp Plank?
    • Great shoulders, even better personality. Everyone wishes to make a good first impression. This workout provides exactly that, and with very little effort. One workout will give you broad and muscular shoulders.
    • This workout also tests your arm strength. Stronger arms are also advantageous, especially if you work. Everyday chores involve the use of one’s hands, and tired hands indicate greater work the next day. Finish your work’s day within the time frame you’d stipulated it. Fit Bharat Friday Push Plank Challenge.jpg
    Eligibility requirements for the Fit Bharat Friday Challenge
    • Fill up Google form :
    • Mention total time 
    • Hashtag #FitBharatPushPlank
    • Tag @FitBharat @FastandUp_India @BeAtomicFit
    • Challenge 3 friends
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