Not according to those who say a lack of time is one of the reasons they don’t exercise. Is it true that we don’t have enough time, or is it merely an excuse? We sometimes obsess about getting the ideal quantity of exercise that we end up getting no fitness at all. It’s difficult to let go of the notion that long, sweating exercises are the only ones that ‘count,’ but in the new world we live in, we must modify our ways of life. Scheduling time for one exercise, even if it’s only 5 to 10 minutes at a time, is the first step toward making it a habit.

If you choose shorter workouts, you may wonder if you can truly get an efficient workout in 10 minutes. Everything is dependent on what you accomplish and how hard you work. When conducting brief exercises, you should focus on intensity and push harder than normal.


One Exercise That Makes Up For Your Lack Of Time

Some exercises are more difficult than others and allow you to raise your heart rate more quickly, which is what you want with brief workouts. Here are a few examples of just one exercise-

  1. Running
  2. Walking as quickly as you can
  3. Run up the stairs
  4. Jumping jacks
  5. Squat hops
  6. Step leaps
  7. Kickboxing
  8. Jumping rope
  9. Forceful dancing
  10. Cycling at high resistance and at a fast pace
  11. Work out on any cardio equipment at the gym for 10 minutes at a high degree of effort (speed, resistance, and/or incline)

Strength training

One Exercise That Makes Up For Your Lack Of Time

Strength training is another activity that should be included in your shorter exercises. To get the most out of your strength training, try a circuit regimen in which you choose 10 exercises and perform each one for roughly a minute (or to fatigue, whichever comes first). To maintain the intensity, pick workouts that utilise more than one muscle group at a time. A strength circuit may look like this:

  1. Squats
  2. Lunges when walking
  3. Lunges to the side
  4. Leg raises with squats
  5. Pushups
  6. Rows bent over
  7. Pressing the shoulders
  8. Tricep dips