Winners Of The Fit Bharat’s Stand Up Challenge

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    Are you employed, have a car, and a couch? Congratulations! Until you took part in Fit Bharat’s Stand Up Challenge , your hips were probably as tight as Mick Jagger’s

    The crossed legged posture is simple, but it has numerous benefits. Last week’s Stand Up challenge delivered you with exactly that. Some of you gained control of this workout and developed some seriously strong legs, thighs, and calves. Keep reading to learn more about this intriguing competition and its winners.

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    While some of you satisfactorily completed the project, a handful of you completely blew the home down with your precision, talent, flare, and pace. Congratulations to everyone, including those who believe they did not win. You already won when you decided to take on this challenge.

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    Let us now look at the winners-


    1. Rakesh Roshan- 28 (6th May hamper winner so only certificaté as per rule)
    2. Prashant Mishra- 27
    3. Aneesh Kumar- 25
    4. S.P.Sharma- 24
    5. Shivam Sahu- 23


    1. Tanuja Atak- 21
    2. Asha Vengurlekar- 20
    3. Tina Jain- 18
    4. Alpana Singh- 17
    5. Manminder Kaur- 17
    6. Snehal Ameya Nabar – 15


    Devan Nitin Jain (8yrs) – 26

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    Special/Inspiring winner and 1st 2nd & 3rd winner gets Certificate & Fast&Up hamper. The 4th & 5th winner gets a certificate.

    (One person wins Hamper only once every month)

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