Every week, the Fit Bharat Friday Fitness Challenge begins. This week’s challenge will undoubtedly provide you with a smoldering physique, a fantastic pumping heart health, a sweat of satisfaction, and a blast of endorphins.

The Fit Bharat Jack Up Challenge will establish your training program and will have you feeling joyful and jolly by the end of the day. Let’s examine what this all means…

Jack Up Fit Bharat Challenge -

It is made up of 5 jumping jacks and 2 push ups (1 point for each jumping jack; 5 points for each push up). This sequence should be repeated continuously for 2 minutes.

Jumping Jacks - Fit Bharat Friday

Why are jumping jacks performed?
  1. Increases your cardiovascular fitness
  2. It’s a total-body exercise
  3. Increases leg strength
  4. It expend calories
  5. It boost bone density
  6. Increases your mobility
  7. Improves coordination
  8. Strengthens the hips

Push Ups - Fit Bharat Friday

Why do push-ups?
  1. They work out multiple groups at once
  2. They are a measure of cardiovascular health
  3. They require no equipment
  4. They can help improve your posture
  5. Strengthens your bones
  6. Improves Upper-Body Strength
How do you do it? 
  1. As a starting point for jumping jacks, stand with your hands by your sides.
  2. Jump, spread your legs apart, and raise your hands above your head. While in the air, your palms should be touching.
  3. 5 times through the jumping jacks. 
  4. Lay on the floor with your palms on the ground and your elbows straight for push ups. Bend your elbows and let gravity and your body perform their work while your hands remain in control.
  5. Return to the starting position and repeat twice more.

Eligibility criteria to qualify for Fit Bharat Friday Challenge:
  1. Please complete the challenge and mention your full name & time.
  2. Use the hashtag #FitBharatJackUp
  3. Once Challenge is done please DO NOT FORGET to fill the Google form link below- https://tinyurl.com/5yktswzw

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