Trainers are quick to reject the notion of pounding out a routine when you don’t have accessibility to your typical equipment or area. Sure, they know their way around a gym floor and a clever training workout, but they also know that when you’re traveling, really busy, or simply don’t want to bother with the gym, a schedule of difficult bodyweight exercises can suffice.

The reality is that you can get tremendous exercise in a short period of time! But it must be done correctly: you need the appropriate workouts in the right order to accelerate your metabolism, lose fat, and develop lean muscle.

Here are some exercises that do not need equipment and can be done even when you decide to hit the road!

Reverse Lunges

5 Best Workouts Without EquipmentReverse lunges are great for strengthening your thighs and hips. They’re straightforward and target each leg independently to improve balance and stability.

Place your feet hip-width apart. Take a long stride back, making sure your knees form two 90-degree angles at the base, and then lift yourself up with your forward leg. Begin without weights and work your way up to dumbbells or a barbell in either the back or front squat position.


5 Best Workouts Without EquipmentSide-to-side squats allow you to generate more strength in each leg than traditional squats while also targeting various muscles.

Begin with a wide stance and square feet. Sit back into one hip and extend that knee. Rep on the other side.


5 Best Workouts Without EquipmentThis is the finest upper body bodyweight exercise. It strengthens the chest, shoulders, arms, and abs.

Put your hands shoulder-width apart in a pushup position. Maintain a flat lower back and avoid sagging hips. As you lower yourself, keep your elbows tight to your torso.

Hip Bridges

5 Best Workouts Without EquipmentDo you want powerful legs and a good-looking backside? Hip bridges are the way to go! They’re a quick and easy technique to strengthen your glutes and can even help relieve lower back pain.

Lie on your back with your knees bent and your feet flat on the floor. Push your hips up by driving through your heels and squeezing your glutes. Repeat. Pulling oneself up should not be done using your lower back.

Mountain Climbers

5 Best Workouts Without EquipmentThis terrific aerobic workout will raise your heart rate, burn more calories, and rev up your metabolism. It appears easy, but you’ll feel it in just a few seconds!

Put yourself in a pushup position. Maintain a strong core and run as quickly as you can while pulling your knees to your chest. Allow your hips to lift, but keep them at the same level as when you began.