Every Monday, the Fit Bharat Friday Fitness Challenge is on the horizon. This week’s challenge includes all of your summer body goal achievements. If you’re afraid to begin a workout routine, this Side Plank Challenge could be a perfect way to start.

Side planks may look daunting at first, but once you get the knack of it, we’re confident you’ll smash it just as you did the prior challenges.

Returning to the flaunt-worthy body, this challenge can be done with your friends and family for some fun or you could fly solo to get some time alone and break a sweat of satisfaction, but the goal is to retain this position for as long as you can, but keep in mind that only the ‘perfect technique + longest time’ will get you your hands on the exclusive Fast&Up goodies (and, of course, a shubh arambh to your workout routine)! 

How do you do this challenge? 
  1. Choose your strongest side to begin with (left arm or right arm).
  2. Rest your elbow on the ground and position your complete body sideways, holding your other arm straight in the air.
  3. Place one leg above the other.
  4. Keep your gaze focused forward and sharp, and retain this position for as long as possible.
Why are Side Planks used?
  • Let us begin with the basics. It is a total-body workout. You’re leaning your entire body on an elbow, your arm is floating in the air, and one leg is on top of the other; that’s a serious workout! You are receiving a ‘bundle’! 
  • Killer arms. Do you want to do some heavy lifting at home? Goals for the gym? Carry the burden of a midlife crisis? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Side planks will give you the arms to carry the most bizarre stuff on the globe.
  • This will help you maintain your core strength. Side planks are a great way to get some iron hard abs for the summer!
  • Have amazing legs for a beach body. The thigh burn is all going to pay off!
  • With all of that searing sensation going on, you’ll also have to remember not to collapse from your posture; this will enhance your balance.

To succeed in the challenge:
  1. Excellent technique + longest time wins the hamper
  2. When posting a video of yourself engaging in the Fit Bharat Friday Fitness Challenge on social media, use the hashtag #FitBharatSidePlank and tag @FitBharat @FastandUp_India @BeAtomicFit
  3. Tag three friends and invite them to join you in this Side Plank Challenge.
  4. Fill out the Google form with a link to your Fit Bharat Friday Fitness Challenge.