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    Malaika Arora: The Fit Mommy

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    Malaika Arora, the gorgeous and sexy beauty looks half of her age. Malaika’s sizzling figure is due to her hard work, strict diet plan, rigorous workout regime, and disciplined life. The curvaceous beauty has managed to keep her sizzling figure with diet and exercises. She is ravishing in every outfit.

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    Malaika Arora secret diet plans

    Malaika Arora Khan manages to keep herself lean and slim with her diet plans, fitness regime, and yoga exercises. She eats everything but in moderation.

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    She likes biryani, doesn’t skip meals, doesn’t do dieting, and has craving for rice and starch. She likes to eat in moderate and divides her meal into following diet plans

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    • Start the day: Warm water with lemon and some honey followed by a liter of water
    • Breakfast: A bowl of fresh fruits with idli or upma or poha or multigrain toast with egg whites
    • Snack: One glass of fresh vegetable juice, two brown toasts with egg whites
    • Lunch: 2 chapattis, rice with veggies, chicken, and sprouts
    • Evening snacks: peanuts butter sandwich
    • Dinner: A bowl of soup with steamed veggies and salad
    • Post workout: Protein shake and banana
    • She likes to make homemade foods. The sizzling lady drinks an abundant quantity of water to detoxify her body. She is also very fond of nuts and oranges. Likes to take these after dinner if she feels hungry at night.


    Malaika Arora’s physical stat

    Malaika Arora’s height: 5’5”

    Malaika Arora’s weight: 119lbs (54kg) 

    Malaika Arora workout regime

    Malaika’s fitness formula is a mix of cardio, weight training, various types of dances and Yoga exercises.

    She is a fitness freak actress, who has shaped his toned and sporty body through disciplined fitness regime, yoga, gym, controlled diet, and disciplined life.

    She is a fitness enthusiast dazzling queen who follows strict lifestyle regimen to maintain herself fit and healthy. The workout regime comprises:

    • Cardio: 20 minutes;
    • Weightlifting (Gym): thrice a week for half an hour;
    • Practice kickboxing;
    • Do aerobics and hip-hop;
    • She likes swimming when getting bored;

    • Dance: Bharatnatyam, Jazz Ballet and Russian Ballet;
    • She does Pilates and boot camp. 

    Malaika Khan fitness tips

    • Don’t be lazy;
    • Go out do some workouts

    • Don’t forget to be smile;
    • No fried, high salt and excess oil;
    • Take dinner by 7.30pm
    • One should avoid oily foods;
    • Eat everything but it should be in moderation;
    • Avoid carbs strictly at night
    • Breakfast should be heavy and dinner should be lightest
    • Proper rest is utmost important
    • Barks upon fresh and seasonal fruits

    Malaika’s yoga exercises

    The gorgeous lady is very fond of Yoga, especially aerial yoga. She likes to participate in the International Day of Yoga.

    She sweats for yoga and when comes out of the Yoga studio, looks dazzling and stunning. It shows her keen interest in yoga practices.

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