A step challenge is basically a competition that keeps track of how many steps a person takes while walking or running (this is similar to a walking challenge, but the objective is different). Fortunately, with today’s technology, tracking steps is almost automatic. Another advantage of step challenges is that they have few regulations! It’s totally up to you what activities you want to focus on. So, if you want your weekly step goal to grow, you can adjust the rule throughout the challenge.

Tips for starting a Step Challenge 
  • Make your step challenges as short as possible
  • Run a number of challenges throughout the year and attach a reward to each one
  • Use inventive incentives (give yourself something if you achieve your goal)
  • Promote the advantages of walking 10,000 steps or more each day.
  • Influence to enhance involvement, choose healthier choices for people around you
  • Encourage walking, use communication with your partners (if any) throughout the challenge
  • Avoid common wellness challenge blunders and focus on best practices for fitness challenge
Who won the Steps (5 AM - 9 PM) Challenge?

The winners’ names are shown below. Congratulations to everyone, and thank you to everyone who participated!

Men’s Category
  1. Rakesh Roshan – 80,170
  2. Shashank Mahalwal – 40,315
  3. Ravi Teja – 35,242 (Only certificate)
  4. Harish Sharma – 34,325
  5. Vinay Prakash Yadav – 32,994
Women’s Category
  1. Suvarna More – 53,609
  2. Vabdana Suresh – 50,835
  3. Kalpana Achrekar – 43,154
  4. Sarika Waghmare – 42,660
  5. Sushma Pandey – 33,106
Special/Inspiring Category
  1. Sayali Bhagwat (15 years) – 24,044

The Special/Inspiring winner, as well as the first, second, and third place winners, will get a certificate and a Fast&Up hamper. The fourth and fifth place winners each receive a certificate for the fitness challenge.

(Each month, only one individual receives the hamper)