From Alia Bhatt To Sara Ali Khan, Here Are 3 Yoga Poses That Celebrities Incorporate Into Their Fitness Routines

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    Yoga, an age-old practice for improving physical and mental health, has recently gained popularity. Many health enthusiasts are now practising multiple yoga poses to keep their health in tip-top shape. The same is true for Bollywood celebrities, who have been swearing by yoga for years because it not only keeps them fit and fab but also helps them regain consciousness and composed mental health. Divas such as Sara Ali Khan, Alia Bhatt, Yami Gautam, Karisma Kapoor, Kareena Kapoor Khan, and many others emphasise the health benefits of yoga to keep their fans motivated to practise it. Check out these 5 Yoga poses that celebrities always include in their fitness routine for a healthy mind and body.

    Malaika Arora, Sirsasana


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    Yoga has become an important part of Malaika Arora’s life, and as one of the fittest B-town celebs, Malaika continues to inspire her fans to incorporate yoga into their lives by acing various yoga poses in her posts. The actress nailed Sirsasana in multiple posts, and in different variations. With a caption, she further illuminated her fans on the benefits of the asana. Sirsasana, also known as the headstand pose, is extremely beneficial for the entire body because it relieves stress, increases attention, expands the flow of blood to the head and scalp, and is thought to be extremely beneficial for treating hair and skin problems.

    Alia Bhatt, Pigeon Pose, also known as Kapotasana


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    Kapotasana, also known as pigeon pose, works on several parts of the body and is known to relieve pain in the shoulders, back, and hips. Furthermore, the asana improves flexibility by stretching your spine, thighs, calf muscles, arms, shoulders, and hands. Alia Bhatt posted a photo of herself nailing kapotasana with a roller. She also posted a caption with the words “progress over perfection” to keep herself motivated.

    Sara Ali Khan, Vrikshasana


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    Vrikshasana, a standing pose that requires proper balance and concentration, strengthens the leg muscles while improving overall body stability. Sara Ali Khan vowed by this pose to reap the most benefits, such as weight loss. While performing this yoga asana, keep your breathing in check.

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