Fitistan Sumo Squat Challenge

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    Fitistan ensures that their fervent workout enthusiasts remain as athletic as they were before. This week’s Friday fitness challenge is the Sumo Squat, and it’s a lot of fun!

    What exactly is a Sumo Squat?

    The sumo squat is an excellent lower-body strength exercise that works the glutes, quads, hamstrings, hip flexors, and calves as well as the inner thigh muscles.

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    How do you do a Sumo Squat?

    1. Jump, keep your legs separated, bend your knees, and touch your fingers to the ground.
    2. The exercise must start with a fixed gaze straight ahead. Legs are joined, and feet are at an angle to one another. The legs must be warmed up and prepared for this demanding test.
    3. At the start of the exercise, jump a little and widen your legs. The space between the legs must be large enough to resemble a Japanese Sumo wrestler.
    4. While your legs are apart, bend down and place your fingers/palms on the ground. Return to your starting position by jumping once more.
    5. Precautions
    6. To avoid injury, please warm up thoroughly before attempting this challenge. Muscle pain can be exacerbated by erratic movements. Stretching exercises are also recommended after the challenge to keep your muscles strong and ready for future Fit Bharat challenges.

    Note- do not attempt the challenge if you’re suffering from lower back issues. 

    Eligibility criteria to qualify for Fitistan Friday Challenge

    • Please complete the challenge and mention your full name & time Or reps done.
    • Once Challenge is done please DO NOT FORGET to fill the Google form link- 

    • Remember to Tag 3 People (can be your friend/family/neighbour anyone) in your post.
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