Kareena Kapoor Believes That “The World Is A Yoga Mat,” As She Pegs Various Yoga Asanas In New Photos

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    Actor Kareena Kapoor Khan is a fitness fanatic. You’ll agree after seeing her numerous posts about yoga sessions with celebrity trainer Anshuka Parwani. Furthermore, the actress is well-known for attributing her many health achievements to yoga. She may have tried different workouts over the years, such as Pilates and boxing, but yoga has remained a constant. She even did this ancient exercise form while pregnant. So it came as no surprise when Kareena said in a recent photoshoot that “the world is a yoga mat” for her.

    Kareena took to Instagram on Friday to share photos of herself performing various yoga asanas for an advertisement photoshoot. “The world is a yoga mat #YogaAnywhereEverywhere,” she captioned the post. In all of the photos, the star wore trendy activewear and nailed the workout routine in style. Continue reading to see Kareena’s photos and learn about the benefits of each pose she performed.

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    Kareena performed the Vrikshasana, or Tree Pose, in the first photo while wearing a printed coral pink sleeveless cropped top and a high-waisted workout tight. Another image shows the actor Laal Singh Chadha doing Sukhasana or the basic cross-legged sitting pose. She performed the pose while wearing a black strappy sports bra and high-rise yoga pants.


    Vrikshasana, also known as Tree Pose, promotes balance in our bodies, tones the leg muscles, strengthens the hip and pelvic region, increases focus and concentration, improves posture, and improves neuromuscular coordination. It also increases endurance and may benefit those suffering from sciatica (nerve pain in the leg).

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    Sukhasana has a calming effect on the mind and body, which aids in the reduction of stress and anxiety. It improves focus and alertness, strengthens the back muscles, improves overall body posture, and lengthens the spine and back muscles.

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