People train and compete for numerous reasons, a common question of several running enthusiasts is whether the longer distances performed in marathon preparation will really make a difference in a their overall health. Keeping health aside, this Republic Day witnessed people running not just for their health, but to honor the soldiers and pay respect to those who fought for us to celebrate this day.

On the occasion of the 73rd Republic Day, The Fit Bharat organized a 73 min run where anyone from all over the world could participate and be a part of the mission to salute the soldiers and stand up for

Here's what Team Fit Bharat has to say about it: 

“At team Fit Bharat, we go for a hill run every Sunday. It was a casual chai pe charcha after our regular Sunday run in this awesome winter morning that we brainstormed into making this Republic Day super special. We decided to run 73 minutes since it was the 73rd Republic Day & involve our fellow Indians in this endeavor to pay a tribute to our soldiers.
We made an appeal on Sunday & within 2 days, the response was so overwhelming. We were shocked that people got in touch with various parts of the country, Kashmir, Rajkot, Hyderabad and even remote villages. They all wanted to run!

We have responses and messages from 10,768 Indians who participated. From kids as young as 6 year olds to adults as old as 91 yr old, from the remotest village to the elitist society, from schools& universities to the NCC cadets, from bankers to our soldiers, from first time runners to ace athletes & sportsmen, from the length, breadth, depth, literally every corner of our Bharat, there was one cause that unified them all : To run in the honor of our Soldiers, To pay homage to this Milestone – the day India got truly free of foreign control.

We are overwhelmed, over excited and deeply humbled by the effort put by one and all. Deeply in gratitude.”

The Mumbai Run at Mahalakshmi Race Course, Mumbai:

People in huge numbers gathered at the Race Course in Mumbai early in the morning at 5:30 AM with the sole purpose to run for free India and pay respect to our soldiers. 357 people ran at The Race Course with the Fit Bharat team and created history. Here are some glimpses of the highly successful Republic Day run:

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Fit Bharat is the brain child of Major Surendra Poonia and former Mrs India World 2013 Shilpa Bhagat. At Fit Bharat, their purpose is to strengthen the motivation of each individual by setting very clear actionable goals and Challenges , supported by simple fitness tools, content  and an  inspiring & collaborative community.