Shilpa Shetty began the first Monday of 2022 with a bang. On January 3, the star turned to Instagram to post a video of herself working out with her trainer. She conducted a fantastic 45-minute Hip-Hop aerobic exercise at the gym, which has various health and mental advantages.

Shilpa, who is married to Raj Kundra, is seen in the video hitting the gym with her trainer, Yashmeen Chauhan, and undertaking fun and challenging Hip-Hop-style aerobic exercise. The celebrity worked out to the rhythms of The Black Eyed Peas’ popular hit My Humps. In a tank top and tights, she rocked the technique.

Shilpa, on the other hand, explained that the 45-minute session is a full-body exercise that targets many body regions. The cardio regimen is designed to improve respiratory health. Because of the synchronised hand and leg actions, the routines also burn fat, improve arm-leg coordination, burn calories, and sharpen the brain.

Shilpa commented on her Instagram page after posting the video, “There’s no better way to start the day following the New Year’s holiday weekend than with some Hip Hop-style Aerobic Exercise. @yashmeenchauhan devises these amusing routines in order to achieve a full-body exercise. This one is designed to promote cardiorespiratory fitness, burn fat, increase arm-and-leg coordination, and (as a bonus) teach you some awesome routines.”

“We burn a lot of calories in 45 minutes by moving our synchronised arms and legs in different directions. It also sharpens the brain because we have to recall a number of moves in a row as we groove to our favourite music. Toning and fun at the same time… A two-in-one exercise. New Year’s resolutions include establishing new habits. Keep an eye on this place.” The 46-year-old continued.

Aerobic Exercise Advantages:

Aside from Shilpa’s advantages, doing aerobics helps reduce the chance of heart disease, lower blood pressure, boost good cholesterol, control blood sugar, manage weight, and lower resting heart rate.

Do you want to go to the gym like Shilpa?