The winter season gives us many excuses to travel and go for a holiday – the beginning of the new year, Christmas holidays, winter vacations for school-going children, and the beautiful, amazing weather that just makes it even better. For whatever reason that may suit you, winters are a great time to plan a holiday.

However, for most of us, a vacation means gaining weight, and constantly worrying about what we are eating, since we have little control and have to eat at restaurants. For those who want to ensure that their weight loss process and regimen is not ruined when you take a holiday, these 4 snacks will come to your rescue. They will keep you satiated, so you do not feel hungry when you step out for sight-seeing, and will also ensure you stay healthy and fit.

Dried fruitsDried fruits like raisins, dates, dried blueberries, etc are a great snack to keep handy. They can be carried easily without any hassle, and are great to provide energy and fill you up during a holiday.


Nuts and seedsNuts like almonds, pistachios, fox nuts, and seeds like pumpkin, chia seeds and flax seeds can be easily carried and are very healthy for your body. Chia seeds and flax seeds can be eaten with yogurt to increase the fibre content. You can easily find yogurt wherever you are travelling, and eating these seeds with yogurt can be very filling, keeping hunger pangs away for hours.

Protein bars, fruit bars or granola bars can be a satiating snack choice, especially when you are travelling. Their packaging makes them easy and convenient to carry, and they are usually very filling and can keep hunger away.

FruitsFruits can be easily carried, or are also available locally, wherever you travel. The high-fibre content in them makes them satiating, and they are very healthy and contain natural sugars which will keep you energized. Fruits do not have to be cooked or prepared in any way, just wash them and enjoy their taste. If you get your hands on a local fruit from the place you are travelling to, it is even better.