Fitistan Plank Jacks Results

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    Last week’s Fitistan Fitness Challenge included two extremely difficult but rewarding workouts: Plank Jacks. While combining the benefits of these two exercises, they produced some incredible feel-good hormones. Continue reading to learn more about this intriguing contest and its winners. While some of you did a good job finishing the project, a few of you completely blew everyone away with your precision, talent, flair, and pace. Congratulations to everyone, even if you don’t think you won. You already won when you decided to take on this task.

    Let us now look at the winners-

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    1. Rakesh Roshan (Only certificate winner of 5th Aug Challenge) -149
    2. Mohit Vats – 111
    3. Ram Dayal Singh – 110
    4. Deepak Kr Taank (Only certificate winner of 5th Aug Challenge) – 102
    5. Raj Oberoi -100


    1. Avani Kanakia – 107
    2. Poonam Sharma – 78
    3. Rutvija R Shenvi – 65
    4. Kheya Mondal – 60
    5. Rhiya Nanaiah – 58


    Piyush Bhargav – 156

    Special / Inspiring Winners and 1st, 2nd, 3rd Winners get a Certificate with a Fast&Up Hamper & 4th, 5th Winners get a Certificate.

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    (One Person Wins A Hamper Only Once Every Month)

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