Fitistan Sit Up Challenge

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    Beep beep… The Fitistan Friday Fitness Challenge is finally here! It’s the Sit Up challenge, and sweat will flow down your back. Yes, you read that right. The most rigorous exercise will provide you with toned abs and a robust abdomen. Who’s excited?

    What is the Sit Up Challenge, exactly?

    It takes two people to accomplish. One helps the other carry out the practice (and then they can switch roles). The one aiding the other must sit on their buttocks on the ground and place their feet on the other person’s feet. This keeps their feet on the ground and helps them complete the challenge. The workout begins with the following:

    1. The exerciser sits on the ground, their feet on the other person’s.
    2. They then lie on their backs with their hands behind their ears, making touch with the earth.
    3. The performer must sit down and touch their palms to the palm of their assistant, which they have held out for them.
    4. Perform the exercise for 2 minutes, doing as many reps as possible.

    Why do the Sit Up Challenge?

    • Outstanding abs. Do you need further convincing? The sit-up challenge works the abdominal muscles by repeatedly tightening and expanding them. They become enraged, heal, and eventually morph into Thor-like rock-hard packs!
    • Better breathing and a more powerful diaphragm. Who isn’t bothered by pollution these days? You need more of everything.
    • Outstanding thighs. Pulling your entire body puts weight on your thighs, which helps them to strengthen with time.
    • Friends who play together stay together. Having a workout partner is one of the nicest feelings in the world, and having them while finishing a challenge gives you an extra boost of motivation and feel-good endorphins. Isn’t that much better than melatonin?

    Eligibility requirements for the Fitistan Friday Challenge

    1. Please finish the challenge and submit your full name, time, and the number of reps.
    2. Make use of the hashtag #FitBharatSitUp.
    4. Remember to tag three people in your post (they can be friends, family, or neighbours).
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