Fitistan Squat And Hold Challenge Results

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    The Fitistan Squat Hold Challenge has kept everyone on their toes for the results. Don’t worry, here they are! But let us first congratulate the winners and all the participants. We are glad to announce the winners of the Fast&Up prizes who were nominated. Each weekly activity has a lot of physical advantages. Not to mention the endorphins released through exercise. This situation helps everyone. Let’s have a look at who received the prizes now-


    1. Rakesh Roshan – 2.30 mins
    2. Bheeshm Gupta – 1.54 mins
    3. Deepak Kr Taank – 1.30 mins
    4. Ram Dayal Singh – 1.28 mins
    5. Surinder Kanhaiya – 0.48 mins


    1. Meenakshi Ahuja – 3.11 mins
    2. Kranti Salvi – 1.32 mins
    3. Dr. Riya Panjwani – 1.16 mins
    4. Avani Kanakia – 1.07 mins
    5. Varsha Khot – 1.00 mins


    Sonali Sethi – 3.33 mins
    Special / Inspiring Winners and 1st, 2nd, 3rd Winners get a Certificate with a Fast&Up Hamper & 4th, 5th Winners get a Certificate.
    (One Person Wins A Hamper Only Once Every Month)

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