Fitistan Plank Jacks Challenge

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    Planks. Jacks. You read that correctly: plank jacks. Fitistan Friday Fitness Challenge this week consists of two extremely challenging but rewarding workouts. This will not only result in some incredible feel-good hormones, but it will also combine the benefits of these two exercises. Continue reading to learn how to do this workout and the various benefits you’ll be providing your body.

    How should Plank Jacks be performed?

    1. Create a plank position. The elbow has fallen to the ground (forearm parallel to the floor and touching the floor). Your entire body should be upright, with your toes on the ground.
    2. As you begin the workout, keep your upper body tight and solid. Spread your legs, then bring them back together. Maintain your focus. 
    3. Repeat this exercise for 100 seconds. 

    Note– do not perform this activity if you’re suffering from back pain or any back or spine-related injuries. 

    Advantages of Plank Jacks Exercise-

    • Good posture
    • Coordination and balance
    • Enhances body alignment
    • Assists in disease prevention
    • Boost your core strength, flexibility, and metabolism.
    • Overall, one’s mental health improves.
    • Boost your cardiovascular fitness.
    • Calories are expended.
    • Bone density is increased.
    • Ideal for HIIT workouts

    Eligibility requirements for the Fit Bharat Friday Challenge

    1. Please complete the challenge and include your full name, time, and the number of reps completed.
    2. Use hashtag #FitBharatPlankJack
    3. Once the challenge is completed, please DO NOT FORGET to fill out the Google form linked below: 
    4. Remember to tag three people in your post (they can be friends, family, or neighbours).
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