Fitistan Shoulder Tap Challenge

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    Fitistan has envisioned Ek Fit Bharat, which will be realised in small steps. This challenge adds to those steps and acts as a stepping stone toward the goal. It’s a straightforward challenge that anyone of any age can complete without the use of any special equipment. It’s an excellent opportunity to join the fitness craze and work toward self-improvement. Let’s see what the challenge for this week, Should Tab, has in store for us.

    Advantages of the Shoulder Tab Challenge

    • It strengthens your arms, making daily tasks easier.
    • It builds core strength and allows you to breathe cleaner air, resulting in healthier lungs.
    • It strengthens your legs and improves your endurance.
    • It prepares you for longer days by strengthening your thighs.

    What precisely is the Shoulder Tab Challenge?

    1. Form a plank by placing your hands on the ground, keeping your arms straight, your back straight, and your toes touching the ground.
    2. With one palm raised, tap the other shoulder. Right palm to left shoulder, for example. Repeat the process with the opposite hand.
    3. If you are comfortable keeping a gap between your two feet while performing the exercise, it will be counted.
    4. Finish this task in 2 minutes.

    Fitistan Friday Challenge Eligibility Requirements

    • Please complete the challenge and include your full name, time, and the number of reps completed.

    • Remember to include the names of three people in your post (they can be friends, family, or neighbours).
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